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Thursday, May 18, 2017

New Military Surplus items

More new to us Military Surplus items. Some nice camping accessories and as always a couple of funky items mixed in. They include a Swiss 5 Gallon Water BagSerbian Fireman's helmetDutch Army issue  modular sleep system and Austrian sleeping bag cover  :

Swiss 5 Gallon Water Bag is swiss military surplus,  black rubberized water bag holds five gallons of water that easily dispenses using the plastic spigot. The rope handles allow you to hang the bag or carry the bag. Could even be adapted into a make shift shower. These bags can be filled and frozen to provide fresh cold water for emergencies, camping, or other outdoor activities. Bag measures 24x18". Brand new condition.

Very cool 1950's Serbian Fireman's helmet. great for slapstick plays or other use as a prop. Emblem on the front and leather chin strap. Used in original condition.

Dutch Army issue  modular sleep system. Sleep systems can be used as separate pieces or as a complete set through a large range of temperatures.
Used in great condition. Nice heavy duty, warm sleeping bag and a nylon cover. Measures 30" wide and 90" long and weighs a nice 3.8lbs.

Austrian sleeping bag cover. Very similar to the 50's, 60's, 70' US sleeping bag cover.
Cotton/poly. Will fit most sleeping bags. Measures about 6' long and 32" wide. Used in very good condition.

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