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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tipi Poles

How do you make Tipi Poles?

The timbers selected should be straight and free from defects. The poles need to be stripped while green with a draw knife and dried. It is best to select trees that grow straight and quickly. Butt sizes of 4" are optimal but you can use larger butt sizes if necessary. What is the best type of wood? The most mentioned Lodge Pine, Douglas Fir, or Western Red Cedar. Her in the east we often have maples that grow tightly together and very fast. Some of the other things that people have tried are conduit, bamboo and other forms of steel supports.

To cut your own poles, use the following formula: make the poles 5-6 feet longer than the diameter of the tent. As far as the number of poles you need to use, here is what the manufacturer recommends:
9': 11 poles
12': 14 poles
14': 14 poles
16' to 22': 17 poles

Don't want make your tipi poles we sell them, however there is no free freight on them and the freight averages 300-500 dollars.

Tipi Poles are completely peeled, high quality and ready to use. We sell Lodge Pole Pine tipi poles. Native Americans used these poles because they grew so tall and thin. The poles you will receive come peeled and ready for immediate use. If you want them smooth to the touch, you can sand them down. If you want to preserve your tipi poles for a long time apply linseed oil to them. The oil prevents them from weathering and turning grey. It also turns your poles a nice brown color. If properly cared for you can get a good 15 years life out of your poles.

Please note there is no free freight on these items. We will call with a quote for truck shipping!
Each set comes with the right number or poles to do that size of tipi!
Tipi Size   Price
24 foot      $750.00
22 foot      $700.00
20 foot      $700.00
18 foot      $650.00
16 foot      $550.00
14 foot      $450.00
12 foot      $350.00
9 foot        $195.00
Questions email info@vtarmynavy.com or call 800-448-7965.

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