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Friday, April 7, 2017

New SlackLine Kits

We've added a number of slackline kits from Slackline, Eno and Singing Rock to our site. These are great for improving balance or just having fun:

This Slackers Slackline Classic Series Kit is everything you need to get started when it comes to slacklining. Our kits are made of A-grade rugged materials and can withstand a maximum weight of 800 LBS. Our slacklining kit is for ages 5 and up and is fun for the whole family. Whether you're just starting out, looking to build more core strength and balance, or just looking for a fun new backyard adventure, our slackline kit is all you need to start enjoying this popular new sport.

Playline Slackline Kit allows you to turn any environment into a playground with this kit designed specifically for beginners of any age. Easy set-up and custom-designed material with rubber coating for easy learning. Help line with arm position trainer included to place above slackline and aid in learning proper form. Includes: handle grip, ratchet padding, ratchet tensioner, slackline specific webbing, help line with arm position trainer. Length: 40ft. Width: 2".

The Slackers Slackline Wavewalker line is a great addition to your backyard adventure collection. The line includes customer graphics and a softer more elastic feel than the classic line. Kit Includes: 50’ Slackline, Ratchet w/ Plastic Grip, Teaching Line and Ratchet, Carrying Bag.

Baseline Slack Kit is the the fundamental kit perfect for all levels! The versatile 2-inch style slackline designed as an easy-to-use kit with slackline specific webbing appealing to all levels of users. The thick weave makes it ideal for walking or getting started with tricks. Includes: handle grip, ratchet padding, ratchet tensioner, & slackline specific webbing. Comes in two lengths: 85 ft or 50 ft. Width: 2".

Slackwire Slackline are not just for circus freaks anymore, slacklining is hitting the mainstream thanks to the ENO SlackWire. Slacklining will tap into your inner ninja, improving your balance and core strength in one safe and simple activity. With a quick setup and convenient carry-case, the SlackWire is there and gone like a stealthy ninja. 2" Nylon webbing, Dimensions: 2" x 49'. Weight: 22 oz. Includes carrying case.

The Slackers Eclipse Trick Line glows using the slackers headlamp (included)! 50 foot slackline with super dynamic webbing ideal for tricks, bounces & more. Kit Includes: 50’ Night Glow Slackline, Ratchet w/ plastic grip Teaching Line and Ratchet, Ultra Bright Headlamp, Carrying Bag.

The next generation of 2-inch slacklines, the Trick Line is made of trampoline material offering a dynamic surface for more bounce. This kit was designed to support the growing popularity of tricklining, the branch of the sport that goes beyond walking by adding jumps, spins and tricks. 50 ft. Kit includes: Ratchet with safety lock and main line with sewn loop on one end.

Singing Rock Slack Line offers the perfect slack line package which includes: • 2 anchor slings with Rock&Lock buckles and sewn eye. • 15M polyester slack line webbing with sewn eye. • 1 ratchet • transport bag. Perfect for easy set-up in your backyard, local park or at camp on the next road trip. Maximum height is 1M (3.2'). Never use this product as a highline.
Width of webbing: 25mm/0.98 in
Made of low stretch polyester

Questions email info@vtarmynavy.com or call 800-448-7965.

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