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Friday, April 21, 2017

New Lighting items for camping, backpacking and survival

We have a number of new lighting items from lanterns, candles, headlamps and more:

Adjustable Camp Lantern --tough doesn’t even begin to describe how durable our rechargeable and weather-resistant lantern is. It has a built-in USB universal smart charger to keep all your devices powered, and a retractable hook so you can hang it from a tree or inside your tent. Best of all is the light itself. 200 lumens are enough to light up your whole campsite for 8 hours with a dimmer switch and an adjustable reflector so you can focus as much brightness as you want in just one direction or enjoy a full-powered 360-degree illumination.

The Adventure 180 includes advanced components that deliver optimal performance with multiple output settings including a red SOS safety flash. Inside the lightweight body, a lithium polymer battery conveniently charges via USB, reducing waste of disposable alkaline batteries. The Adventure 180 is a well-rounded performer that shines right where you need it so that you can focus on your night adventure.  Weight:  87 g.

Nightrider Adventure Pro 180 featuring a lightweight yet rugged build quality, the Adventure 180 Pro is a bright, versatile light that delivers reliability through NiteRider’s long history of outdoor digital electronics; so you can continue on through the darkest of nights. Equipped with our Pivot Stick-on Mount, this light easily mounts to most flat smooth surfaces. Weight:  70 g.

ExoTac Hot Burn Candletin are handcrafted in the USA, this hot-burning 100% beeswax candle can boil 8 oz of water in 18 minutes (all wicks lit). The flame can reach heights of 2” providing a powerhouse of heat and a source of light. It naturally smells like honey and even comes in a reusable metal tin.

ExoTac Slowburn Candletins are handcrafted in the USA, this long-lasting 100% beeswax candle will burn for up to 30 hours using one wick at a time (large size). Use it to warm up the crisp air or provide light. It naturally smells like honey and even comes in a reusable metal tin.

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