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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Military surplus tools back in stock

We have the following military surplus tools are back in stock as of 4/13/17 and added to our Camping Saws, Axes and Shovels. These items do not last long and you could be digging or chopping your way through the woods in no time.

Swiss Reserve Hatchet Here's a handy chopping tool you can depend on for cutting firewood, clearing shooting lanes, opening C-rations and much more. Solid hardwood handle is 13"long. Sharp solid steel head. Flat pounding surface on back side of head 3 1/4" cutting edge. Weighs 2 lbs.

New Swiss Military Reserve Woodsman Axe. Heavy-duty to the bone. 20" solid hardwood handle. Large axe head with a 4 1/2" sharp blade. 1 1/2 x 2 7/8" flip-side pounding surface. Weighs 4 lbs., 11 ozs. 

Brand new Swiss pickmattox. Great quality solid wood handle. Excellent high quality tool. Measures 19.5" long and the head is 11.5" wide.  

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