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Friday, March 10, 2017

New Belleville Boots 2017

We've added 3 new models of Belleville Boots, two sage and one coyote to go with all the other Belleville Combat, Desert, Coyote Boots! Belleville has been making military boots since 1904!

Belleville Mini-Mil AR670-1 Minimalist Training Boot is a true minimalist boot featuring a 2mm “drop” between the heel and forefoot, the MINI-MiL® is designed specifically for the conditioned warrior athlete currently training in minimalistic athletic footwear. Now available in coyote, this quick-drying unlined boot is not only highly breathable, but lightweight too - weighing less than 2 lbs a pair.

Belleville Hot Weather Side Zip Steel Toe Tactical Boots have the combination of a curved side zipper & ASTM certified/EH rated steel toe boot makes the 612Z ST a perfect choice for those looking for both ease and safety. Through the utilization of an athletic strobel-stitch construction combined with an EXCLUSIVE VIBRAM® "INCISOR" outsole, this tactical, hot weather boot was designed to look and feel more like a running shoe and less like a boot.

Belleville Hot Weather Side Zip Tactical Boots are designed with the idea that lightweight is not just a feature, but a requirement, the 612Z is one of the lightest Berry Compliant side-zip boots in the market. 
This mission ready boot is built on an athletic strobel-stitch construction and features the EXCLUSIVE VIBRAM® "INCISOR" outsole.
Questions call 800-448-7965 or call 800-448-7965.

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