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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Catoma Tent updates

Back in Stock Catoma Raider and Windcreek Speedome Tents. The Windcreek has been rebranded the Eagle. Funny I saw an Eagle munching road kill with crows in Maine this past winter and I will never look at one the same way again.

When Catoma set out to design a sub-two pound tent, they didn't want to give up many of the features that their competitors do, sacrificing comfort (all things being relative), convenience, space, and ease of use.

They also wanted it to be a double wall shelter. This meant it would have a separate mesh body, covered by an outer rainfly, allowing water vapor inside to be swept outside with the increased draft or to gather on the rainfly and run off onto the ground instead of dripping directly onto the user or running down into the tub floor to puddle as is the case with single wall tents.

Eagle SpeeDome Fire Tent (formerly the Windcreek) is the largest of the firefighter tents and features everything you need for camping, whether you are with your family or fighting fires. The patented Catoma Speedome frame features exclusive hinged poles made from solid fiberglass for extra strength and quick set-up. The poles and tent are connected so there is no need to worry about any lost poles. The specially made fly includes a light reflective material on the outside to keep the tent from getting too hot while set up during the day. The other side of the fly is coated and seam taped for waterproof camping. The 66" hexagonal floor plan gives you more than enough room to sleep three plus gear.

Recall on Armadillo Tents. Catoma has issued a recall on this tent but only if you are having problems with it. Apparently there were some defective parts in the last lot.

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