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Sunday, January 10, 2016

It's been a cold wet winter, perfect for H20 wet weather gear

I'm not sure about other parts of the country but the northeast has been particularly warm this year. Unfortunately with the warmth comes more rain and wet conditions and less snow. Hypothermia weather is what I've heard it called.

Tru-spec has had for some time a line of wet weather gear which is water proof and breathable but unlike some more expensive fabrics not beyond the affordability of most people. They use a material called Dintex to make it waterproof and breathable. They also construct the garments with 3 layers of fabric and use Beamis seams to keep everything in place. There are a lot of other features built into the garments and you can add a liner for warmth. To back it up Tru-Spec has the following warrantee

"Try any TRU-SPEC® H20 New and Improved Outerwear with confidence!
TRU-SPEC® TRU-CONFIDENCE GUARANTEE - The 2 year TTC Guarantee-If you are not completely satisfied with your TRU-SPEC® H20 outerwear for any reason; return it to TRU-SPEC for a full refund of the purchase price.*
*Guarantee applies to all TRU-SPEC® H20 Proof™ products purchased after September 1, 2014"

There are 6 colors of Jackets and Pants that will cover a number of different applications from Hunting and Military to Law Enforcement and just around town use, including:
Army Digital Parkas, Army Digital Pants, Black Parkas, Black Pants, Coyote Parkas, Coyote Pants, Multicam Parkas, Multicam Pants, Olive Drab Parkas, Olive Drab Pants, Woodland Digital Parkas and Woodland Digital Pants

If you want to match it up with a liner they are available in black, foliage and coyote. The liner should be the same chest size as the jacket.

Questions email info@vtarmynavy.com or call 800-448-7965. 

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