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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hillsound Trail Crampons - new product at Barre Army Navy Store

There are a lot of products that we sell, that I don't use and probably never will. Microspikes though are not in that category. I use them twice a week most weeks hiking 4000 plus foot peaks in New Hampshire and New York in some very difficult conditions. I've really enjoyed my Kahtoola Microspikes up until this season. However they have made some design changes that I find have changed the fit and function of the spike. The rubber has been changed and the small bar across the front had been taken out. What happens for me is that my foot now rolls through the toe with any downward pressure. After about 2 months of this in some rather serious places that has lead me to look for new options. I purchased some Hillsound Trail Crampons for myself and loved them. They were stable in all snow and ice conditions and they don't slide around on my feet. Long story short we are now selling the product and it will be the only mid weight micro spike that we sell in the store.

We will have two types of Hillsounds here to start.

The Hillsound Trail Crampon have a rubber securing upper with heel and instep plates suspended by chains underneath. It is the work house product of the line.

If your are looking for a just as strong but lighter product check out the Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra. This is made from faster and lighter stainless steel but still made to stand up to rigorous wear and tear.

Questions email info@vtarmynavy.com or call 800-448-7965.

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