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Monday, January 25, 2016

Hillsound Gaiters are just right

Like most of the products we sell Gaiters are something that people usually want because of necessity. Snow Gaiters are necessary if you are not going to wear snow pants and the snow goes over 6-10". Gaiters actually have military roots. In the 80's I remember Military Surplus Austrian Gaiters made from boiled wool with a strap that caught under the bottom of the boot. If you are inventive it would not be that hard to make your own from an old pair of wool socks.

However I've always had problems with Gaiters not fitting well until now. In the past they have always been to big at the bottom or to wide at the top! I tested out a pair of the Hillsound Super Armadillo Gaiters yesterday on Mt Washington and they were well fitting but not super hot or cold. We have two models online the Armadillo LT Gaiter and the Super Armadillo Gaiter. The zip from the bottom, I found it odd at first but is seems to help the fit and function of the gaiter.

Now days gaiters are made from a breathable nylon. We find the users very widely from people working in the woods to delivery people, hikers and skiers. Basic Gaiters have a zipper and Backcountry Gaiters are heavier and have a Velcro closure. Both are breathable but if you are active I would take that with a grain of salt.

I am on my 6 or 7 pair of sportee gaiters that I use year round to keep the stones and pine needles out of my hiking boots and being a towering 5'5" they are about mid calf. They are great for spring, summer and fall!

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