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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New Multicam Camouflage Fabric

Multicam is a great disruptive pattern. We've just gotten in a Multicam rip-stop nylon material used in our ponchos and tarps. We are finding many camouflage fabrics increasingly difficult to deal with. We also got the last 700 yards of the woodland digital camouflage ripstop available.

  • ACU Cordura -- ACU Cordura is heavy material sold by the yard, this Army digital (ACU Cordura) nylon cordura material is 60" wide.
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  • Multicam Camo Nylon Fabric -- is a light weight ripstop nylon fabric the same used in ponchos and tarps and is 60" wide.
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  • Woodland Digital Camouflage Ripstop Nylon -- sold by the yard, this Woodland Woodland Digital Camouflage Ripstop Nylon material is 60" wide, is a woodland digital ripstop material
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