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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New ATACS Items From Tru-Spec

Tru-Spec has stepped up their game and is now in the ATACS business!

Your favorite Tactical Response Shirts and Pants, Combat Shirts, Boonie Hats, Patrol Caps, and Contractors Caps are available in ATACS FG and ATACS AU.

ATACS AU offers the blended camouflage of the ATACS pattern with more of a brownish grey coloration. This ATACS is suggested for more of "hard wood hunting" where there is more dormant trees. Desert areas might work with this depending on the area, but it might be too dark. 

ATACS FG has more of a greenish theme with browns to the ATACS pattern. This is ideal for the green wooded areas or jungle to blend in with your surroundings. The ATACS pattern doesn't have any definitive lines or markings, so your shape won't be as easily spotted.

First up is the ATACS Tactical Response Pants. (FG pictured left, AU pictured right)
These pants have a 10 pocket design for ultimate storage, a reinforced seat and knees for extra durability, and a drawstring waist with button fly. These pants also have Tru-Spec's exclusive "stay tied" heavy drawstring leg ties for extra security around the ankles. 

Tru-Spec also offers the matching Tactical Response shirts.                 

Keeping true to the Tru-Spec design, these Tactical Response shirts have the best features for optimum movement, durability, storage, and tactical use with it's bi-swing back for unlimited motion, reinforced elbows with pockets for elbow pads, 4 pocket design with pen/pencil stalls on the sleeve, and the zig zag stitched hook and loop mandarin collar that can be worn either up or down to protect the neck.  

Both of these patterns also come in the complete uniform set. Buy the set and save!
Click here for the AU set
Click here for the FG set

Want to take your uniform to the next level?

Check out these ATACS AU and ATACS FG hats!
      Boonie hats

 Patrol Caps

 Contractor Caps

Interested in more? Tru-Spec has also added both ATACS AU and ATACS FG Combat Shirt to their line of products.
 These shirts have the Tactical Response Uniform sleeves and collar with reinforced elbows and shoulder pockets, a 1/4 front zip mandarin collar, and a pencil stall for storage. 

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