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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Emergency Radio update

We've updated the Emergency Survival Radios as the distributor has greatly changed what is available. .

American Red Cross Weather Radios American Red Cross Weather Radios -- $49.95 -- The American Red Cross FRX is a solar and hand turbine powered AM, FM, weather radio with a USB smart phone charger. Its LED flashlight and glow-in-the-dark locater guarantees you'll always have access to light. Aside from solar and crank power, the FRX has a DC-input (mini-USB) for AC power. This radio also gives the option for individual radio listening, via the headphone output. The FRX 3 adds a digital radio, alarm, AUX-input and display. American Red Cross Weather Radios make great additions to any emergency preparedness kit. No plugs or wires required. The ARC Zone Guard offers the Weather Radio in a wired version for everyday use - before the power goes out. The Zone Guard + and + Modules pair together wirelessly to give you several points for listening throughout your house. 527065, 527066: Limited quantities available.
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Eton BoostBloc2000 Eton BoostBloc2000 -- $49.95 -- Eton BoostBloc2000 Get a power boost! BoostBloc2000 from Eton is a backup battery pack with a 2000mAH lithium ion battery that provides long-lasting reliable power whenever and wherever you need it. Fast and efficient, when fully charged Eton BoostBloc2000 fully charges most smartphones, so you're never caught powerless.
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Eton Raptor Eton Raptor -- $129.95 -- The Eton Raptor is quipped with an enhanced monocrystal solar panel, the Raptor’s digital face offers altimeter, barometric and compass readings. This splashproof, lightweight device houses an AM/FM/WB digital radio tuner with 10 AM and 10 FM presents and for those times when inclement weather approaches, it receives NOAA weather alerts. Conveniently features a direct USB power transfer, an audio line output and a 5-volt DC input with a mini-USB plug. Built-in bottle opener and carabiner. Digital clock with alarm. LED flashlight. Battery and solar charge indicators. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery included. Dimensions: 8" x 2.875" x 1.25". Wt: 11.3 oz.
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Eton Scorpion Eton Scorpion -- $59.95 -- The Eton Scorpion Multi-purpose solar-powered digital weather radio. Compact and power packed for extreme conditions. Features: digital AM/FM radio tuner, NOAA weather band, built-in LED flashlight, large solar panel, USB cell phone charger and powerful crank. Dimensions: 6.38" x 2.5" x 2". Wt: 10 oz
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Grundig G8 Traveler II Grundig G8 Traveler II -- $74.95 -- Tune in and hear more with the Grundig G8 Traveler II radio from Grundig. It features digital tuning with a digital LCD frequency readout, an Auto Tuning Storage (ATS) function and more. Plus, it also features a sleep timer and alarm clock function to make sure you don't sleep in on the go. Dimensions: 4.1" W x 6.6" D x 1.1" H. Wt: 11.2 oz.
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Motorola MWR839 SAME Weather Radio Motorola MWR839 SAME Weather Radio -- $129.95 -- MOTOROLA MWR839 MOTOROLA . . Description . . Specifications . . Related Files . . Reviews The feature-rich Motorola MWR839 SAME (Specific Area Message Encoding) weather alert radio provides early warnings for whenever disaster strikes. When the SAME alert function is on, the radio will automatically play emergency weather/public alerts for your local area. With AM &FM radio and NOAA weather channels as well as the ability to connect to external media devices, you’ll always be in touch! When the electricity is out, insert 4 AA batteries into your radio as a convenient and essential backup power source. Dimensions: 2.5” x 7.2” x 5.2”. Weight w/o batteries: 1.16 lbs. Limited quantity available. Public Alert certified 7 NOAA weather channel FIPS codes - manually programmable up to 25 codes Siren and voice alerts 3 LED indicators for advisories, watches and warnings Alarm/clock with snooze - 2 alarm setting
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Ultralight Wind'n Go handheld flashlight Ultralight Wind'n Go handheld flashlight -- $69.95 -- The Ultralight Wind'n Go handheld flashlight is a highly efficient charging system that provides up to 20-30 minutes of light, or 30-45 minutes of radio from 2-3 minutes of winding. In addition, it may be charged with the included USB adapter or optional 120V AC or 12V DC charger (not included) for up to 8 hours of operation. Features include: LED flashlight, AM/FM and NOA Weather band radio, Cell phone charger, High decibel siren, Flashing red emergency light, and NOAA Weather Alert for automatic hazard notification. Burn Time: 2-3 minutes of winding will provide 20-30 minutes of light. Fully charged, 5 hours of light. Power Source: hand crank, USB (included) or 120V/ 12V charger (not included).
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