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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dressing for Cold Weather Climates

In order to live, work and play in a place like the Northeast you need to be able to adjust to changing weather conditions.

As an example we have gone from a balmy 40-50 last week to 10-20 with a wind chill this week. While that may not seem to drastic, living with the conditions can be brutal.

The first tip is to have underwear that wicks and to wear light layers close to your body that can be changed if you get all sweat due to strenuous activity. Polypropylene and other synthetics wick to some degree and have the ability to stay warm even when wet which cotton does not. Wear clothing relatively loose as if it is to tight it will cut off circulation.

Outer layers should be wool or waterproof. Again wear layers so they do not constrict and if you are doing strenuous exercise vent or open things up so that you do not over heat. There is always a lot of discussion about Waterproof Breathable layers being best but I have not found a layer yet that breathes well enough to totally wick moisture away.  So I carry extra layers to change into on a big hike or if I'm shoveling etc.

Wear a hat and gloves or mittens. We lose a lot of heat through our extremities. I find judging the right layer on your hands can be tough but if your hands or toes go cold use toe warmers or hand warmers to quickly get the feeling back.

Warm boots that are insulated really do the trick. If possible try to treat your boots with waterproofing spray or paste as the longer they stay dry the warmer you will be.

Traction is a great help. Quickly freezing temps after warm days will leave you with a lot of ice. It does not matter whether you are on the top of Armstong as seen above or in a driveway the principals of not falling are the same.

There are no guarantees but if you do some or all of these things you will definitely increase your ability to perform in the cold. Questions email info@vtarmynavy.com or call 800-448-7965.


Anonymous said...

Can you elaborate on the difference between polypropaline material, polyester ??

Anonymous said...

meant to write " polyprop & polyester " ?? Is one superior to the other in terms of retaining body heat ??

Barre ArmyNavy said...

Personally. I've found polypropylene retains order and shrinks when exposed to heat. Polyester allows smells to be washed out and can be dried with no ill affects. Your choice.