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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Military Wool Blankets what are their weights

We had a customer right in and ask what are the weights of our wool blankets. Some of the blankets below are new and some are used. Wool by nature is warm and naturally flame retardant.

Some have the weights published and some don't so here they are. I'll also put the stock available to the best of my ability as of today 11/29. Also if used will try to give an approximation of condition:

Big Red Wool Blankets -~ more on the way no date ~5 pounds New
British Grey Wool Blankets ~50-75 left ~4 pounds, used good. No holes but you will see wear running out
Czech White Wool Blankets 20 left ~4.5 pounds. Used good No holes.
European Style Wool Blankets plenty ~4 pounds. New
Grey Military Style Wool Blankets plenty 3.7 pounds New
Grey Polish Wool Blanket ~ sold out
Italian Wool Blankets ~5 pounds Like new may see some shop wear and heavy mothball odor, running out
Navy Military Style Wool Blankets plenty 3.2 pounds New
Hungarian White Wool Blankets sold out
Olive Drab Military Style Wool Blankets plenty 3.75 pounds New
Olive Drab Wool Rescue Blanket plenty 3.9 pounds New
Olive Drab Extra Long Wool Blanket Plenty 4 pounds New
Russian Grey Wool Blankets sold out
Vintage Blue Wool Blankets  5 pc left 5 pounds New more on the way
Burgundy Wool Blankets  out for 30 days  3.5 pounds New
Forest Green Wool Blankets Plenty 3.5 pounds New
Navy Wool Blankets Plenty 3.5 pounds New
Plaid Wool Blankets Plenty 3.5 pounds New

One question that has come up recently is chemical sensitivity. If you are sensitive to chemicals or odors these blankets are not for you.

Do you need assistance getting mothball or other orders out of your blankets this has helped us!

Questions about product email info@vtarmynavy.com or call 800-448-7965.

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