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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Long Underwear Selection and Fit

With the advent of cold temps. One of the most common customer questions this time of year is what type of underwear is best for me? and how does it fit? Like most things it is not rocket science but a little common sense goes a long way.

 Long Underwear aka Long Johns are a thermal layer worn between your outer clothing and your skin. I have seen reccomendations that you should wear these layers tight.

My personal recommendation is that they should fit like regular clothing. I don't like anything tight and it cuts off circulation which makes you colder. What type of underwear should you purchase?

Think of the type of activity you will be involved with. If you are going to be sitting or doing limited activity sports like snowmobiling, ice fishing, etc.
You want a heavier underwear for example this expedition weight set is made from polypropylene which is wicking and warm.

Personally I'm warm on the bottom and cold on top so I would not wear the bottoms of that weight of underwear. Plus I do active sports or I'm out shoveling, walking the dog etc what then?

In that case I would look at a light weight or mid weight underwear still made from polyester or some sort of blend.

What fabric not to get. Cotton. We sell it it is the lowest price point underwear but in any situation other than for use in your living room it gets cold the minute it gets wet or you sweat.

So how do sizes run Shirts are Small 34-36", Medium 38-40", L 42-44", XL 46-48", 2XL 50-52" and 54-56". Pants Small 28-30", Medium 32-34", Large 36-38", XL 40-42", 2XL 44-46", 3XL 48-50". These measurements are a guide only and no guarantee of fit. For example if you have a bigger stomach you want to go up often in the chest size. Same thing if you have bigger thighs you may have to go up slightly in the waist size.

So no standard answers but hopefully enough direction to get started.

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