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Monday, December 16, 2013

Camouflage Netting - From Invisible to Versatile

For years, camouflage netting has been a part of both military and everyday hunting ventures. With every yard used and every roll made, this netting has been used in numerous and sometimes very creative ways. Find it hard to believe that some netted fabric in greens and browns can hide a tank? How about protect you from the sun on a hot day out hunting?

Despite how simple it may seem, camo netting actually has its roots in a number of specialized, military programs and has since been a major part in most basic operations. It's purpose? To make you as invisible as possible to the naked eye when in the field. Whether you're trying to fool enemy soldiers or that prize sized buck in the field, camo netting is made to blend in with your surroundings and cover the things you don't want seen.

In the military, camo netting is often used to cover tanks during relocation across enemy lines. When incorporated into a natural environment and covered in the proper camouflage, these large vehicles can become virtually undetectable from a distance when still or when moving.

Most hunters also use camo netting to disguise tree stands and even themselves when hunkered down in the trees. Sometimes even used to cover small buildings, hunters often swear by their netting when it comes to keeping their target unaware and maintaining a low profile when waiting for the perfect shot. It's even made to deflect UV rays when the weather gets hot.

Not a soldier on the move or a hunter in the woods? Camo netting isn't all business, you know. Due to its numerous colors, patterns, and styles, camo netting is often used for craft and home decor projects. Be it curtains or covered, clothing or even blankets, this fabric has more uses than it may at first appear. Some types are fire resistant some are specially treated for specific needs. 

No matter what it's use, where it goes, or who uses it, camo netting is more than just some colored fabric. It's a yard or more of what could be something very special and will be around for years to come.

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