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Thursday, May 23, 2013

The worry over Solar Flares

The sun has been super active over the last couple of weeks.  Are you concerned?

Let's get a bit of science out of the way.  The sun goes through an 11 year cycle, in which, it goes from least active to most active.  We are currently in the midst of the active part of this cycle.  What does that mean for us?

We actually don't really know to what extent it means to us.  Our level of technology has never been where it is now.  Our dependence of telecommunication satellites, cell phones, planes and pretty much anything that can be plugged in is at an all time high.  No duh, right?

Put it this way, except for some of us who have tried to embrace a less dependent lifestyle, what would happen if a solar flare strong enough was aimed at the earth?  And this is the very issue at stake.  We don't really know.  Flares, or coronal mass ejections, come in many shapes and sizes.  We don't worry about the flares that erupt from sunspots on the far side of the sun.  Those are not earth directed.  The sun recently unleashed 3 farside X-class flares in the past 7 days.  X-class flares are the biggest type of flares.  They can range from X.1 - X.9.9.  Other types are C-class and then M-class.

An X-class flare took out the entire electric grid in Quebec in 1989.

Ok, I don't want to get too off the track here.

Do you think that a solar flare could take out our power grid?  Do you think solar flares are causing this crazy weather from the last couple of years?  How many times to I  have to see people's world's as they knew them literally coming to an end.  Preppers like to use the abbreviation TEOTWAWKI.

Lot's of people are worried about some destabilizing event occurring that will pretty much end our society and place the whole human-race into turmoil.  We are talking thunder-dome meets animal plant.  Survival of the fittest folks.  Sound crazy?

I know my truth.  Things happen.  Horrible tornadoes can ruin our lives at any time.  My heart and thoughts go out to our people in Oklahoma.  Heck, there is rioting going in the Sweden over the last few days.  Sweden!  Apparently the young people are not happy about the rate of unemployment and the level of immigration going on.  Sound familiar?

I'm not saying that people should start rioting here.  Not even close.  I like my life.  I want my kids to grow up in a stable world.  However, when the government begins to make cuts to an unsustainable welfare system, what's going to happen to the people who literally rely on food stamps to eat.  People get desperate when they get hungry.

Back to solar flares.  What do you think?  If a large enough flare is released from the sun, people far smarter than me think there is a chance that it could take out our power grid.  Transformers would explode and circuits could be fried.  We don't stock pile transformers as much as we should.  I read some articles that says that we don't even make them here.  There are only a few places in the world that make transformers for power grids.  Therefore, if the grid goes down along with all other forms of electronics how do we get the transformers here where we need the?  Steam boat?

Please understand, I am not an alarmist for the sake of scaring people.  Fear is a solid motivator, but that's not why I'm asking these questions.  I'm asking them because I worry about this stuff.  I don't worry about it to the point that I don't do my job and or spend time with my kids.  Heck, it would be easier not to think about this stuff.  Ignorance is bliss.  However, there are some stark reminders all around us that we don't live in some Prince Charming fairy tale.  Prince Charming isn't making consistent purchases of survival gear, canned goods and an ammo I am guessing.  Water, beans and bullets, right?

Let's talk!

Thanks for reading,

Timmy NoOne

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BlueTrain said...

Well, you can't eat bullets and any hunter knows that game is scarce, even with hunting season as short as it is. But perhaps you don't like your neighbors. People sometimes use periods of social turmoil such as we lived through in the late 1960s as a chance to even up some scores. But you're probably not like that.