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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Don't let your memorial day camping trip be a washout

Don't let your memorial day camping trip be a washout. We often see customer who buy a tent the night before and rush to get to the camp site which is a recipe for disaster.

First always set up your tent ahead of time check to make sure all the parts are their and the zippers work. It is a good idea seam seal the tent on an annual basis and spray a general waterproofer on the nylon tent. Be sure not to apply either preparation on the tent zippers.

When siting a tent look for place that drains well. If you are in a hole or depression water can form and soak though the bottom. A good idea is to do a small trench around the drip line of the tent so the water runs off and away from the tent. Small is the key word. I had a customer once who dug a deep trench and tripped and sprained an ankle in the middle of the night. Do not touch the sides of your tent the oil in your fingers will draw the water through the nylon.

In heavy rains a tarp helps to get the rain even farther away from the fabric of your tent. Make sure the tarp is securely tied and far enough away from the tent so the weight of the water will not collapse the tarp or the tent.

Doing all these preventive steps will not guarantee a bad outing but certainly helps.

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