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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What is the best multi-tool for camping?

Multi-Tools and Camping: What is suited for you?

There is no straight forward or correct answer to this question.  Essentially, the best multi-tool for you is going to be based on personal preference, when and how often you will use it, and whether or not you'll need all of the tools.  If, for example, your multi-tool has so many tools on it you don't know what half of them are for, then you could probably downgrade a bit, and buy something smaller.  It's not necessary to spend the money on a multi-tool that you won't use 75% of the tools built in to it.

For those of you that think a multi-tool is a waste of money, you might want to think again.  Have you ever been miles away from your car, and have the frame to your pack break?  A multi-tool would come in very handy here as you would be able to repair it rather quickly (or repair it well enough to get you back to your car).  Whenever you are trying to jury rig something, a multi-tool is going to come in very handy.

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BlueTrain said...

I'm almost embarrassed to admit I actually own a multi-tool, I can't imagine repairing a pack frame with one. However, that's not a good example. But what is one needed for? Unexpected needs, is the usual answer. If we revise the question and ask, what are the expected needs and fulfill those, we won't have a multi-tool at all; we'll have a tool kit and that's what I carry. It consists of two tools, maybe three.

A knife is a basic tool. That's #1. A blade on a multi-tool may not be the best blade. That's not a fault of the concept at all, merely a criticism of the execution. Then sometimes I need something to remove the cap on the fuel tank of my stove. I tiny pair of slip-joint pliers is perfect. I never take anything along that has screws in it, so that eliminates a lot of things. And all those other things, well, they just don't get used.

Multi-tools have been around longer than you think, only they weren't based on a pair of pliers, which, I have to admit, is sheer genius. I have my wife's grandfather's knife from WWI and it qualifies as a multi-tool. Cowboys used a form of multi-tool for fence building and it was in fact based on pliers. There is nothing new under the sun. There was even one army that was issuing a Swiss Army type knife as long ago as 1900: Yep! You guessed it. It was the Swiss Army.