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Friday, April 12, 2013

Military Camouflage Clothing in transition

Military Camouflage Clothing has been in transition for the last decade plus amazingly after several decades of not much change in the traditional woodland and desert patterns. I read this article this morning about that change and the costs involved to the US government http://www.publicintegrity.org/2013/04/12/12482/pentagon-spends-billions-duplicative-camouflage-outfits-gao-says

Having been fortunate to have been this business while all that is happening we think it is interesting that the marine corps spent $319,000 and found two still functional uniforms (Woodland Digital Marpat and Desert Digital Marpat while the Army, Air force and Navy spent a great deal more just for R/D. The Air Force ABU Uniform did not work for the conditions they wanted to field it in and apparently fared poorly.
The Army has produced the ACU Uniform which is supposed to be an any place anywhere uniform, but which seems to be fated more to be no place no where uniform (except above the treeline in a fog it would great). So as a stop gap measure in Afghanistan it approved the Multicam Camouflage Uniform which works  well in some situartions but has huge royalty costs involved and some manufacturers say that dealing with makers of Multicam is difficult at best. Currently the Army is in the process of selecting a new uniform... The Navy Camouflage or NWU you will not find represented here as they have not released their designs for mass production.

So long story short a lot of money has been spent producing uniforms that are not always useful for soldiers but seem to be finding commercial cross over in the hunting markets. One customer we have Sam Shaver (The Field Archer) has been using many of the patterns that we sell in his hunting videos for some time. Personally w think this type of real work testing has real value.

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