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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Camouflage Netting, Fabric, Burlap Measurements


Hello, everyone!

Today we received an email from a customer who was inquiring about our fabric length and widths.  All of our materials (unless otherwise specifically stated on our website) are sold by the running yard.  Widths of the materials can vary, and the overall length of most of the rolls of materials are unknown.  Therefore, we are unable to establish a set length for sale, and so, the material needs to be sold BY THE YARD.  A yard is 36" long.  Here's the basic math:

1 yard of material = 36 inches long x width of the item as stated on the website

At Barre Army Navy, we offer a multitude of different materials for every project "under the sun."  Everything that we have available is listed on our website.  Special width orders for materials can not be made but all lengths of material are cut to order.  Most materials will ship the same day or next day, however, some may be held up due to lack of stock.  Please refer to the link below for what we've got:


Let's take a look at an example!

The ACU Digital Camo Netting By The Yard that we offer is sold at a WIDTH of 7 feet 10 inches high.  The width is the vertical measurement.  That being said, if you need to calculate how much netting is needed for an area that is 8 feet WIDE by 5 feet LONG than you are going to need to buy 2 yards of the material. 5 feet long times 12" (in a foot) equals 60 inches total.  Material is not sold by the inch, nor do we offer 1/2 sizes.

But what if you need to calculate area of a square space that is larger or smaller than the width of the roll?  Here's the formula for that:

Area is calculated as follows: Length x Width.  So, if you need to cover an area that is 5 yard long and 5 yards wide, you would do it like this:

5 yards = 180" (12" per foot; 3 feet equals 1 yard)

Therefore, area is:

5 yards long (180") x 5 yards wide (180") = 25 square yards. 

But how much netting do you need? Well if you choose the ACU netting above you would need 27 yards which would yield a size of just shy of 30x27 feet. Figuring 3 passes of netting that is 10 feet wide and 9 yards or 27 feet long.

Note that area is calculated by different formulas for different shapes.  Here are a few examples of the formulas:


Area = (W x L) x 0.8
 W = width
 L = length

Area = (W x L) x 0.8
• W = 10 ft , L = 20 ft
Area = (W x L) x 0.8
• = (10 x 20) x 0.8
• = 200 x 0.8
• = 160 ft2

Area = π x r2
π (pi) = 3.14
r2 (radius squared) = r x r

Area = π x r2
• r = 6 ft
Area = π x r2
• = 3.14 x (6 x 6)
• = 3.14 x 36
• = 113 ft2


Area = (b x h) x 2
b = length of base
h = length of height

Area = (b x h) x 2
• b = 10 ft, h = 5 ft
Area = (b x h) x 2
• = (10 x 5) x 2
• = 50 x 2
• = 25 ft2

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