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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Military Flashlights for home, military and outdoor use

Barre Army Navy Store has a bunch of new flashlights for home, survival, military and outdoor use. Newest additions include the acu and woodland single led light:

5 Bulb LED Headlamp5 Bulb LED Headlamp --  5 Bulb LED Headlamp Great For Geocaching has adjustable elastic strap and is light weight but still has 5 bright white led lights for maximum visibility. Has emergency flashing capability and comes with 3 AAA batteries.

ACU Digital Camo FlashlightACU Digital Camo Flashlight -- ACU Digital Camo Flashlight is water resistant, ISO 9001 Certified, N47C11-CAB COLOR ACU DIGITAL CAMO, NSN: 6230-01-536-8425 and MIL-SPEC: MIL-F--3747 MX991/U TYPE 1 STYLE 2 Other features 2 SPARE LENSES & 1 SPARE BULB ROUGH SERVICE LIGHT BOTH BELT CLIP AND RING HANGER 3 POSITION SWITCH: ON/OFF/BLINKER USES 2 D CELL BATTERIES (NOT INCLUDED)

Military Anglehead FlashlightMilitary Anglehead Flashlight -- are genuine G.I. flashlights in Olive Drab, Black and Woodland features include 2 D-cells, safeguard switch and extra lenses & bulb available in Olive Drab, Black and Woodland

Mini LED Military FlashlightMini LED Military Flashlight -- are a 6 bulb flashlight with 3 clear leds, one red, one blue and one green. 6 BULB LED FLASHLIGHT (3 CLEAR - 1 RED - 1 BLUE - 1 GREEN) USES 6 AAA BATTERIES (NOT INCLUDED) MATERIAL: ABS SIZE: DIAMETER - 152x35.2x29.5mm LENGTH: 6 INCHES BURNING TIME: 30 HOURS WATERPROOF LEVEL: IP44 ON/OFF SWITCH w/DIAL TO CHANGE BULB COLOR w/METAL BELT CLIP

Multifunction Color Lens HeadlampMultifunction Color Lens Headlamp -- Multifunction Color Lens Headlamp is a 14 led light that has a featured button to change the light color from blue to red or flashing red and blue. Other features 14 LED HEADLAMP PRESS BUTTON TO CHANGE LIGHT COLOR FROM BLUE TO RED OR FLASHING RED & BLUE EXTENSIVE LIFETIME OF LED 100,000 HOURS USES (3) AAA BATTERIES (NOT INCLUDED) BLISTER PACKED


sokalsondha sondha said...

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