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Friday, November 9, 2012

West Nile Update

Couple of things that I have seen recently that promise to make next seasons West Nile Virus season even more threatening than past years.

First, a few weeks ago there was an article that came out discussing the life cycle in of the west nile virus. Since mosquitoes die off at the and of the fall season how do they carry the virus into the next year? It turns out that snakes who are bit by the mosquitoes carry the virus and when they are bitten by the new seasons mosquitoes in the spring (http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/10/121001171217.htm) the virus is reacquired by the mosquitoes. That is the first bit of bad news.

Here is the second. The Virus is changing and becoming increasingly more of a threat to humans. Some possible side affects show west nile attacking centers of the brain that it has not previous see http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/hints-of-a-more-virulent-mutating-west-nile-virus-emerge/2012/11/08/75e37776-2523-11e2-9313-3c7f59038d93_story.html?wpisrc=nl_headlines .

So this is definitely off season in this part of the world, but if you are travelling in warmer climes or getting ready for spring and summer. The only way to keep insects off is to use repellents or some form of netting to keep them from landing and biting on you http://shop.vtarmynavy.com/mosquito-nets-netting-and-repellents-c110.aspx.

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Barre ArmyNavy said...

I received this from one reader. While I'm not ready to let mosquitoes chew on me it raises valid concerns:

I fear your assumptions in your Nov. 9th article on west nile virus would have to be backed up with some evidence. How do you know snakes carry this supposed virus over the winter. I have seen many articles stating this virus has never been isolated or identified. Some researchers believe wnv symptoms resemble neurological problems caused by exposure to pesticides. http://www.askdrgonzalez.com/west-nile-virus-or-hype/ http://www.naturalnews.com/036852_Dallas_West_Nile_aerial_spraying.html Although I am not a scientist, I am an observer of the oligarchy under which we reside. We are lied to every day and seemingly harmless lies can cover a multitude of sins against humanity. It's odd that they can determine what part of the brain is being attacked by this virus that they apparently haven't even isolated. Things are not as they appear.