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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Military Sweater Sizing updated 10-3-15

Military Sweaters are difficult to fit because they are tight fitting. Military Sweaters come in wool or acrylic and currently in several styles.

As with any garment that is not custom made sizing of people is an in exact science. Here are some guidelines for sizing Small is 34-36 inch chest, Medium 38-40, Large 42-44, XL 46-48, 2XL 50-52 and 3XL 54-56.

Length of most sweaters will fit some one between 5' 6" and 6'. Having said that if you are on either end of the spectrum you may be able to get by with the length ok.

Now to blow that all to hell our experience is that for many people say from 40 and up you want to go one size up. The reason why is that sweaters and other military garments like pea coats are sized small is because the population that they are tailored to is young and fit and looking for a slim fit. I know for myself by the numbers I would be considered a medium but I do not like a tight fit so I go with a large.

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