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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sizing of Alpha Military Jackets

Sizing of Alpha Military Jackets is an inexact science.

Simply put Alpha Military Outerwear runs small see https://shop.vtarmynavy.com/alpha-industries-outerwear-c415.aspx. While we encourage people to generally order up one size it really depends on the build of the individual as to the fit and sizing. Alpha has given us the following sizing guidance (which is about 2" smaller than the norm)

Small (34-36); Medium (38-40); Large (40-42); Extra Large (44-46); 2Extra Large (46-48); 3Extra Large (48-50)

Having said that if you are big through the chest we still recommend going up on size.

The exception is the field jacket see https://shop.vtarmynavy.com/alpha-m-65-field-jacket-p2561.aspx 
which runs about a size large and have the following sizes listed X-Small (29-33); Small (33-37); Medium (37-41); Large (41-45); X-Large (45-49); 2XL (49-53); 3XL (53-57); 4XL (57-61); 5XL (61-65)

For height guidance the rough rule of thumb is that regular lengths will fit most people 5 foot 6 inches to 6 foot and Tall or Long should fit someone 6 foot to 6 foot 3 inches but there are no guarantees.

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Nice thing to see in different sizes. This will defiantly encourage people to if you provide them with their individual fit and sizing.