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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Australian Ministry of Defense begins research on adaptive camouflage

As you all know by know I'm fascinated by innovations in camouflage, spinning fans and blinking lights.  Here is another camouflage experiment by the Australian Ministry of Defense that is about developing a skin that allows the user to manipulate the color and pattern by applying voltage across the film see http://www.zdnet.com/au/defence-begins-research-on-adaptive-camouflage-7000002255/

The target user for the project is a vehicle or ship but would it not be able to apply similar technology to clothing or other objects.

The difficult part according to the article is getting the sensor programmed so that you have a feedback loop on what the environment is like.

Has any one heard of anything else out there of interest in this area?

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Anonymous said...

IR blocking materials are already being included in many military fabrics to assist in concealment from "enemies". Detection from what (human vs. animal) and what perspective is the key. Imagine a brick building surrounded by a block wall at the edge of a deciduous forest. The proper "stationary" camouflage will change according to your position and from what direction you are being observed. Thusly the sensors mentioned in the article need to read from the perspective (position) of the "enemy". This does apply mostly to humans as many animals detect smell or sound well before sight.