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Friday, July 6, 2012

Why has the US Army chosen Multicam Camouflage Clothing versus ACU or Army Digital Camouflage Clothing?

Why has the US Army chosen Multicam Camouflage Clothing versus ACU or Army Digital Camouflage Clothing?

The title of the article that I saw that prompted this article was this which was titled what is the army's strange fascination with pix-elated camouflage:
the some of the points being that in the 80's and 90's people were experimenting with pix elated camouflage patterns (the Russians and others had been doing similar things for some time) based on the fact that any pix-elated pattern seems to affect how the eye defines the object that it was seeing. One wonders about the internal lobbying that went on during this process.

Later tests seemed to find the melding of colors tended to make our eye fashion new colors and images out of what is there. You may remember our earlier article about how other scientist are trying to decode these patterns http://www.armynavyblog.com/2012/03/breaking-camouflage.html

Multicam is a one of the second generation camouflage patterns and adapts it self better to green and brown landscapes. All Multicam Clothing and Equipment is on special for today 7/6/2012 only:
What was also interesting about the article was that Multicam is really a variation on a German Pattern from the 1950's called Syria. I've always thought that it mimicked some of the waffen ss and other german block patterns from the WW2 era.

So despite all the earlier testing that blessed us with ACU ( you wonder what were they thinking when they said nail it) the army has reversed it self and gone with the later research that has rendered Multicam.

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Anonymous said...

yes what is old is new again if you look at the WWII Oak B pattern you will definitely see the same colors in the spring/summer pattern, however the blending in MULTICAM is much better!!!!