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Friday, July 13, 2012

Mount Hunger and White Rocks, VT

A few weeks ago I mentioned about writing about some of my favorite places in Vermont. One of the first that comes to mind is the hike of Mount Hunger and White Rocks Mountain from the Middlesex, Vermont side.

I grew up at the foot of Mount Hunger in Middlesex, Vermont in the 60's and 70's. Thinking of it now I was truly spoiled with those two mountains constantly in our back yard.

To get there take route 12 north from Montpelier, VT and turn left at the Shady Rill turnoff. From there go approximately 3 miles to the 4 corners just past Rumney School and at the four corners you can go right or straight. If you go right you just keep bearing left and the trail head is about 2.5 miles up and if you go straight keep bearing right and the trail head is 2.5 miles up. The road in both cases goes down to a single lane and trail head can be packed on nice days. As a kid in graded and high school I used to run this loop every day in the summer in the morning.

The trail at first follows a logging road then turns off and begins to climb. There is a junction of white rocks trail to the left and the mt hunger trail to the right. My personal preference is to go up Mt. Hunger.

The trail has some muddy spots and rock but is worth the trip as about 3/4 up you loose the tree line for great views. The view from Mount Hunger are super in all directions to the south you can see the interstate snaking along and to the north mighty Mt Mansfield.

Mount Hunger is usually packed with hikers so I usually go right over the summit to the trail which comes up from Waterbury Center, VT and then take a left over to White Rocks. This mile follows the ridge and while not giving much for views flows nicely. On White Rocks there are several flat plateaus. White Rocks was leveled by one of the glaciers that came through New England many years ago.

The descent off White Rocks is a quick one and can be slick in wet weather. Total time for this trip is 3-5 hours depending on your fitness level and love of rocky surfaces.

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Anonymous said...

We hiked Mt Hunger from the Waterbury side just last weekend. We went in the morning and there weren't too many people on the mountain then, though we met a lot as we were on our way down. I had mentioned to my sister that we should try the Middlesex side.