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Friday, July 20, 2012

Mosquito Netting for home and garden

Mosquito Netting for home and garden. Barre Army Navy Store has mosquito netting at 20% off if you order online through 7/20 http://www.vtarmynavy.com/mosquito_netting.htm

Netting ranges in size from 42 inches wide to 140 inches wide and varies from 200 to 625 holes per square inch.

Mosquito Netting is used by many people to insects out of their homes and porches. Many people currently camping in this area use insect netting across the front of their lean to.

The product is also used by many gardeners to either keep plants from cross pollinating or to keep birds bugs from eating their crops. 

Hungry insects no no bounds. I can hear them buzzing get your netting today.

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