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Sunday, July 8, 2012

How to size Boonie Hats?

How to size Boonie Hats?

Boonie Hats are round circular hats with a brim. They keep the sun off your neck and out of your eyes; bugs at a distance and the sticks from slapping back and hitting you in the face.

Not sure your hat size? Measure around the circumference of your head (where your hat normally falls) with a soft cloth tape or take a piece of string and measure your head circumference and put against a long ruler.

Double click on chart below to expand.

Please note if you are right on the line you should go up to the next size. Also for boonie hats the rough rule of thumb is that you should be able to slide 3 fingers between the hat and your head for a good fit.

What are our favorite boonie hats? US made Boonie Hats made in Virginia by a government contractor http://shop.vtarmynavy.com/boonie-hats-us-made-c495.aspx there is only about a $3.00 difference between a quality stitched us product and ones made in China.

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