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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Treating a Sprained Ankle while Hiking

Treating a Sprained Ankle while Hiking

While on Beau's victorious march across the Bond Mountains last Sunday I managed to severally sprain or twist my ankle. Despite surviving my initial learning curve to New Hampshire hiking I was woefully unprepared. No one thinks they are going to get hurt and after years of no injuries I guess I was due.

To hike with Beau I have to take him on a leash so I can't use my normal two pole approach to hiking. This takes away from a lot of the learned balance that I have picked up over the last few years.

I also noticed after the fact that I have worn the bottom rubber of my Vasque boots away on the heals in about 6 months time -- over a hundred "peaks" in that time will wear things out quite quickly. So long story short on Twin way headed towards Zealand about 6 miles from the trail head to come out I badly twisted my ankle.

My first reaction after stopping screaming was to try to walk it off. My first or second mistake depending on how you want to look at it. The recommended method is not to put weight immediately on the injury.

Unfortunately this injury would not walk off and I could feel my foot swelling inside the boot. Neither of us had ibuprofen, an ace bandage or an ice pack so I realized that I just had to leave my boot on and gut it out.

When I get ready to go again, I will be better prepared. Especially since we sell such a wide range of great kits in hind sight I would probably go with one of the smaller kits and add an ice pack and ace bandage.

After probably doing everything the wrong way I researched what I should have done see http://www.yytraveladventures.com/sprained-ankle. This article describes the difference between the different types of injuries how to deal with it immediately and then the longer term treatment for your ankle.

Needless to say I'm chomping to get back out there but when I do go back out I'll be a little more prepared.

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