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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Correct Use of Camouflage Netting

Correct Use of Camouflage Netting

We are asked often if camouflage netting is see through. The netting is typically cut in a 50% style which allows you to see through it. For some people's purposes that is not good and they would be better served with fabric of some sort if they are looking for a non see through effect.

But what the product provides is a two fold benefit; one is a general color and the second the 3 dimensional affect that it gives. An important point is that there has to be space between netting and the item that you are trying to camouflage if you wish to camouflage an item you can not drape the netting right up against it or it negates that affect.

So correct use of camo net requires space and matching or blending of the color to the area you are in. There are many colors and patterns of netting at the Barre Army Navy Store

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