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Monday, June 11, 2012

Beau the American Eskimo Rescue Dog gets his 48th 4000 footer

On June 10th, 2012 Beau the Eskimo successfully climbed his 48th New Hampshire 4000 footer on a Bond Traverse. Some of you may remember Beau from earlier articles. When we got him he had issues in a lot of areas that demonstrated typical peskie eskie behavior.

He has really turned out to be a great dog -- several classses, a year and a lot of love later. The day was super as you see from the picture taken on top of Bond. Beau was able to drink on the way in and the way out but for the middle 6-7 miles there is no water and I carried extra for him.

Beau carried his bowl and meals in his back pack.

Here Robie and Beau spend a special moment looking down into the valley towards Loon Mountain from West Bond. After this we headed across twin way to Zealand which is a bug infested god awful place to finish but Beau was in good spirits.

Congratulations to Beau who knows what is next perhaps a New England 100 or 67 or a winter 48 the options are endless and Beau wants to go.

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