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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bugout Bag or to much Junk in your trunk.

Bugout Bag or to much Junk in your trunk.

As manufacturers and distributors try to jump on to the "prepper" or disaster preparation bandwagon you have to feel that they are a little off the mark.

Call me crazy but while the whole notion of having one bag that you are going to throw everything into and survive for a period of time while it seems comforting also seems simplistic and laughable. Survival is a life time goal and one that can not be bought.

And if you are going to prepare for the worst. Would you go out and by the cheapest Chinese junk to survive with?

So here is my take on it. Survival is a state of mind and the result years of preparation.

If you really want to learn survive. Start with the following things. Grow a garden then learn how to can the food that you have grown. Take a wild food class. There are many plants growing in our midst that will at least sustain us for the short term.

Learn how to hunt and after you've learned how to take an animal's life learn how to dress it out and preserve the meat.

Learn how to start a fire. After you've done that figure out how to best use it for warmth and cooking.

Learn how to purify water and how to store it and how to identify where clean water might be no matter what the landscape.

Learn how to make a shelter from the most basic of materials at hand.

You could go on and on. There is a series of books call the foxfire books which have a huge amount of info see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foxfire_books#Books

That is my little rant on the subject. What is your take on it?

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Aaron said...

Check out Trackers Earth! Amazing programs!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, survival is a skill set, not a pile of things. Just remember, in the winter, cotton kills.

Anonymous said...

Knowledge and practiced skills are the key to survival. It's not the Rambo-knife or Bear Grylls Parang. It's the Boy Scout knife, flint & Steel, and the know-how of making a a fire a shelter, a snare, which roots to eat, and how to get potable water. Brains is what sets man above the animals and that's the key to survival.

Anonymous said...

It's true that "stuff" is the end and not the beginning, that knowledge is first. But, simple things WILL make it easier. Building a shelter or creating anything that requires binding needs string. Have you ever tried to make string out in the wild? A 100 yard hunk of string, any kind, is invaluable. Additional skill building can be found in the book Wilderness Living and Survival Skills by John McPherson. He takes the caveman approach to survival, no bug out bag needed. I've used his techniques to make fire with bow and drill using nothing but materials found in the woods. Learning and training is fun, even if you never need it!