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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Waterproofing Sprays

We here at Barre Army Navy Store have been selling Waterproofing Sprays for most of our 30 year plus history.

 I hike often and have had problems keeping clothing, footwear and equipment dry for extended periods of time. Being wet in colder temperatures in dangerous and sucks the life right out of you.

Tectron though has several new variations to it's original spray that we have sold mainly for tent water proofing and UV protection  but it is intended for tents and it has an odor to it.

So I decided to test out two new Tectron products Tectron for Apparel for shoes and boots

My experiences have been hit and miss. We have had a two week period of wet rainy and snowy conditions which have been excellent for testing these types of products. I have treated my North Face shell and my backpack cover with the apparel dwr rain proofing. I have treated my hiking boots and trail runners several times.

So far my experiences have been good with the apparel spray. The backpack cover after several applications became very water resistant even when placed on the ground. Unfortunately shortly after this picture it blew off the back of my pack and is now in Maine. The apparel treatment also worked very well on my coat shown in the picture above with no leaks or problems on a 3-4 year old jacket.

My boots and shoes though have just not stayed water proof. I've tried several application on both items and done at least 3 days, 5 hikes in the last 7 days and had no joy. Yesterday's trip through the Bonds was the best yet but about mile 16 out of 21 they started soaking through again.Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or asking to much of the product but will let you know if I see a change.

Beau needs no waterproofing! Photos courtesy Bill Schor. Questions for Barre Army Navy Store email info@vtarmynavy.com or call 802-479-2289

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