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Monday, April 23, 2012

Several Tips for traversing wet rock

Went for a couple walks in the rain yesterday. At the higher elevations from 3500 plus feet in the shadows there are also ice patches.

I was thinking yesterday about how to walk on slick surfaces.

The first thing that helps me most are a good pair of hiking poles. Leki and Black Diamond are some of the brands that you see most often.

So even with poles your feet can slip so you want to try to walk with a flat sole. The more contact you have with the rock the less likely you are to slip. If you are on an incline you want to make sure that you are not going to loose traction with the surface you are walking on.

Use your heels to catch on the edges of rocks. I have more defined heels on my old leather boots but I notice even with my trail runners and light weight hikers the heel acts as a good catch many times.

Beware of the surface you are walking on. Wet wood is the worst. Granite rock is better than some smoother rocks. Mud gives a ton. Try to pick rocks and limbs as stepping stones.

There are times when traction on ice is necessary see micro spikes are my favorites.

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