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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Find your way with Military Lensatic Compasses

Military Lensatic Compasses have been around for some time. Everyone recognizes the round hard case.

In this category we have everything from inexpensive versions made in China to USA made Cammenga Compasses made to military standards see https://vtarmynavy.com/military-lensatic-compasses. What are some of the differences. Some of the less expensive compasses will have less degree graduations and the compass action will tend to bounce around more on the inexpensive versions. My personal recommendation if you are doing serious wilderness navigation is to go with the military models. For more modest uses the import ones are fine.

When you get ready to use a compass you really want to have a map as well. When you get ready to start orient you map by lining the north pointing arrow on the map with the compass pointing north. Now everything you are seeing in from of you jives with the map.

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