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Thursday, March 29, 2012

BullFrog Mosquito Coast

This is a product that I use myself for hiking and gardening. I have found Bullfrog to work well for black flies and mosquitoes. There is nothing worse than hanging on to a hoe or rototiller and not being able to use your hands. This stuff keeps them off. BullFrog is a low deet insect repellent with a SPF 30 sunblock which I also really like when hiking so that I can just carry one bottle. The SPF 30 also works well for us folks that burn real easily.

BullFrog  Mosquito Coast is in our low deet insect repellents http://shop.vtarmynavy.com/insect-repellants-low-deet-c671.aspx.

Here is a nice review we received recently:


34253/27/2012 Excellent Product5 StarsBullFrog Mosquito Coast

 Review Details
Reviewer:Thom RLocation:Van Nuys, California

Review:One of the BETTER Mosquito Repellents out there.....Through sweat, mud and everyday use of the body......Bull Frog stood up to it. BRAVO Bull Frog !

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