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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Breaking Camouflage

Barre Army Navy Store spends a lot of our days selling camouflage clothing for hunting, police and military use see http://www.vtarmynavy.com/. But what if you could break the camouflage pattern and see the needle in a haystack. Here is a link to research on just that:


The premise is that the brain can be taught to break the camouflage pattern and pick out what does not belong.

It's a very interesting premise. I think animals have an instinctual way of doing that and just playing with the premise. I wonder if it's possible to some how reverse the process and develop a clock of invisibility based on what people think they see.

The possibilities infinite. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Love the clip! A half a second sooner of realizing a hidden comnatant is in front of you could mark the difference between life and death.

J S said...

Its easy to spot patterns if you know what pattern to look for.
The old camouflage is pretty easy since there are repeating identical sub patterns within the bigger pattern.

However the new camouflages like the German Flecktarn is fractal and more random at the same time. The patterns vary at various levels.
Overall your shirt might be more brown and mine more green. If we zoom in you can see that there is variation in each shirt in size of colorblobs and the colors itself. Zoom in even more and you find the same randomness. A big brown looking patch on your shirt isn't really solid brown. If you look at it closely there could be an area which is more dark green and another one more black. Zoom in the Black area and there will also be some brown and light green zoom even more... and so on.

Better then looking for a camouflage which you can't predict it will be more efficient to look for shapes. Humans always look more or less the same, especially with helmets, backpacks and a weapon. But even the shapes can be obstructed by 3d structures (Gilly Suit etc.)

Movements make most camouflages useless. Unless you are sniper crawling slowly for 4 days to get to a general you will be spotted, no matter what of the current camouflaging techniques you use. Still you can increase you chances at least by staying low in the grass, stick to shadows etc.

I think its pretty cool that they do research on how to train identification. However 1hour per day is a bit excessive, given how many other important stuff a soldier has to train most of the time.

Roughly 10 years ago I read some patents for computerprograms being able to find camouflage patterns in pictures. Maybe that can be part of future equipment.

Barre Army Navy Store said...

Thanks for the super feed back

Steve B