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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Army super sizing Military Clothing

This does not surprise me considering the amount of XL plus sizes that we sell in both civilian and military clothing but apparently the Army has decided to take into account changing demographics in is uniform sizing see http://www.wdam.com/story/17050404/army-looks-to-adjust-gi-sizes-camp-shelby-soldiers-take-part.

So the question is will they change the sizes that are currently existing or add more size options? Barre Army Navy Store would like to know what you think? Tell us on our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/barrearmynavy

You often run into size variations between manufacturers.

But here is the current military standard for clothing:

Trousers waists XS Waist 23-27", Small 27-31", Medium 31-35", Large 35-39", XL 39-43", 2XL 43-47", 3XL 47-51". Trouser Lengths Short 27.5 to 29.5", Regular 29.5 to 32.5" and longs 32.5 to 33.5".

Shirts and Jackets XS Chest 29-33", Small 33-37", Medium 37-41", Large 41-45", XL 45-49", 2XL 49-53", 3XL 53-57". Shirt Lengths in Height 5' to 5'6", Regular 5'6" to 6', Long 6' to 6'4".

Othere questions email info@vtarmynavy.com or call 802-479-2289

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