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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Paracord for your fund raising event

Making items to sell from paracord for your benefit event has become something many people like to participate in. Parachute Cord is relatively inexpensive and as a value added product allows makers to mark up 2-4 times the cost of materials. We recommend  checking out our in stock of in stock paracord here http://shop.vtarmynavy.com/parachute-cord-available-for-immediate-shipment-c1414.aspx we do not guarantee all is there but it is more representative than this section which shows all and will have back orders http://shop.vtarmynavy.com/parachute-cord-c24.aspx. Paracord sells almost as soon as it comes in and we go through 1-2 pallets a week. The best thing to do if you do not see what you want is to put in a backorder time frames for back orders vary from 1-6 weeks and we do not get exact stock info coming in!

We received this review today from one person who was making things for a benefit for their local animal shelter:

33032/23/2012 Parachute Cord5 StarsParachute Cord

 Review Details
Reviewer:Ernest LLocation:Lillington, North Carolina

Review:I just got involved with a local group that are trying to help with our County Animal Shelter to provide services for the animals that have been left unattended. I thought that if I could make collars, bracelets, leashes, to sell,(25% retained to buy more product,and 75% to go for the animals and their needs) that would be a way of helping out. We are a retired couple and we do care what happens to the animals.

We also just had a contest for paracord scraps (sections less than 50 feet) which was won by Kaylee with her great video and we received this nice picture and note from her:

Hello Barre ArmyNavy,

I just received the box of paracord!!!  This is going to be excellent for The Hugs Project.  We will be able to use part of the cord to make survival bracelets for the troops and the bright colors will be used for bracelets to sell to help fund more paracord, postage, and care package items.  Thanks for offering a contest like this so we can do more for our troops serving in harm’s way.


Kaylee Young

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