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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cadpat Nylon Cloth is great for hammocks!

I am always amazed at the uses for different products that people come up with. The reviewer below is reviewing Cadpat Nylon Cloth http://shop.vtarmynavy.com/cadpat-nylon-cloth-p7952.aspx
which is part of our cordura and nylon fabrics most of which are in liquidation http://shop.vtarmynavy.com/cordura-and-nylon-camo-fabrics-c632.aspx the reason for the liquidation is not that the fabric is not great stuff but that we just accumulated to much to even see what was there any more. We expect to begin building up here in the next couple of months again.

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32321/31/2012 Outstanding fabric5 StarsCadpat Nylon Cloth

 Review Details
Reviewer:jbrianbLocation:Covington, Tennessee

Review:This material is thick, durable and quality stuff. Feels "cotton-like" but obviously is nylon with a tight weave; it is semi-soft, durable, moderately thick and PERFECT for my hammock project. It is NOT treated/waterproof and is breathable. I think it would make great quick-drying outergarmets like pants, a light jacket with the addition of a liner and more. With treatment it would make a good tarp. While it is not nearly as light as many fabrics out there for a hammock, it is STRONG and would easily support 400 lbs. or more. It's substantial, but not thick. I really like it (Can you tell?). It is, as one reviewer noted, darker than the photo with it being mostly deep, dark green with brown and black digital spots. Still, an attractive design, perfect for foilage filled spring and summer months in the Southeast.

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