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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Better Uses for your Mosquito Net

We saw this article today and Kris who is a stream of consciousness thinker asked me to expand on it http://allafrica.com/stories/201202201517.html.

First of all Mosquito Nets are made to keep bugs out. What type of bugs they keep out are based upon the netting that the mosquito net is made from.

Mosquito Nets with coarser netting are made to keep out mosquitoes, flies and larger insects.

 Mosquito Nets made with noseeum netting are made to keep out noseeums and smaller insects as well. The down side is that nets made from noseeum netting hold more heat and moisture and in hot weather environs may be hotter.

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So let's go back to the uses for mosquito netting that don't include killing yourself with it. Mosquito Netting makes a great water or air filter for large particulate. Mosquito Netting can be used for decoration. Mosquito Netting can even be used for wedding dresses. How would you use it if not as intended?

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Kylee said...

my dad used some to make a scoop/skimmer for our Koi Pond. It worked great to get all the leaves, pine needles, and little things that would fall in!!!

Barre Army Navy Store said...

Thanks sounds like a good use!