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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Alice Pack Add a Pouches add space to your Alice Pack

One of the biggest problems with Alice Packs the military backpack for the US Army for 30 plus years has been the lack of storage space inside the pack and in the pouches on the outside of the pack for small items. Alice Pack Add a Pouches clip with Alice Pack clips to slots on outside of the pack. This is part of our wide range of american made military pouches.

Alice Pack Add a Pouches come in three sizes Short, Long and Top and 4 Colors ACU, Black, OD and Woodland Camo. see http://shop.vtarmynavy.com/alice-pack-add-a-pouch-p4945.aspx.

Turnaround time on these pouches is 2-3 weeks as these pouches are made in the USA to order.

Customer response has been very good see one review below:


32131/27/2012 The product works5 StarsAlice Pack Add-a-Pouch

 Review Details
Reviewer:AnonymousLocation:South Portland, Maine

Review:I ordered the LARGE pouch. The product works as advertised. It fits both Large and Medium ALICE Packs. Construction was well done. The color was also a close match. I plan on ordering more. I hope they make them in WOODLAND CAMO in the future.

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