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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

5 Reasons to wear Paratrooper Shorts

Paratrooper Shorts from Rothco are made to mimic the fit and weight of the old paratrooper pants that used to be easy to come by in military surplus stores. Why wear cargo shorts as opposed to other shorts?

First they very soft. the material is a pre-washed cotton blend that is super comfortable

Look at all the great colors. You can easily mix and match outfits with base colors khaki and olive as well as funky camo patterns woodland camo, acu camo, desert camo and urban camouflage.

They are a loose fitting short with a draw string that will go through a range of sizes. For example if you are a 36 inch waist you can get the large and tighten them down and if you gain a few pounds then just loosen the drawstring.

The length averages 10 inches that is for about a large so a little small is shorter and a little bigger they run longer. Who wants runty shorts?

Finally they are a fashion statement. Military Fashions are the bomb.

See the entire line of Paratrooper Shorts at the Barre Army Navy Store Email info@vtarmynavy.com or call 802-479-2289 if you have questions!

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