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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Uses for Mosquito Netting

Mosquito Netting is usually used for keeping bugs out on porches and other openings. However I saw the use of  Mosquito Netting yesterday  for hernia screens http://www.scidev.net/en/health/news/surgeons-use-mosquito-nets-for-cheap-hernia-operations.html knowing that some folks will want to do their own surgery I would caution you against trying this at home.

Mosquito and Noseeum nettings are polypropylene netting made here in the USA.

Most people use it to cover gazebos, tents and other structures. We have had people also use noseeum netting for decorative purposes at weddings. The nice thing about this decoration is that it can be rolled down to keep out the bugs as well.

Mosquito Netting has a fairly low number of holes per square inches. For this reason we have had colleges and other agricultural researchers use it to keep cross pollination at bay when doing genetic research.

Another related use has been for Mosquito Netting is to keep bugs off plants. When the cicadas have attacked the last few years people protect their trees and shrubs with netting.

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