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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Beau Hikes the Cannon, Cannon Balls and Kinsmans

Beau continues to hike the White Mountains. He only needs The Bonds, Zealand, The Tri's, Passaconaway, Whiteface and Moriah to complete his first 48 4000 footers. Since he has only been Hiking since Mid April of this year and he is only 2. His goal is to be the  first dog to do the White Mountain 48, 4000 footer grid see http://www.48x12.com/.

For those of you who may not remember Beau. My wife and I picked up our second American Eskimo rescue dog back in mid April. The breed is extremely neurotic and barky but also very loving kind of like my wife. We had a couple of dogs we looked at but the folks at eskies online suggested Beau http://www.eskiesonline.com/. To put it mildly he has been an interesting trip. We have had two classes so far with Bill from the Central Vermont Humane Society http://cvhumane.com/ and Ultimate Companions http://www.ultimatecompanion.com/ but Beau does his best to keep it fresh.

Our hike on 10/16/2011 was Cannon and across the ridge to the Kinsmans. The ridge line between the the mountains is known as the cannon balls for it's up and down nature and has a tendency to wear you down.

Beau and I met our friend Robie at south bound parking lot of Lafeyette Place off of I-93. Robie needed the whole ridge line for his grid. I just needed Cannon and Beau had never done the Kinsmans. Please note all pictures in this article are courtesy Robie Gould.

The climb up the hi-cannon trail is quite steep. We all had no problems until we hit the ladders and I had to carry Beau up those as he could not seem to negotiate them on his own this time. On top of Cannon there were a lot of folks that had taken the tram up to view foliage. Cannon is also a ski area and one of the last state run ski areas in the country http://www.cannonmt.com/. On top it was spitting snow and all along the ridgeline there were great views of Lafayette with a light snow covering:

Beau was pretty good until we started heading down the backside of cannon which is also quite steep and a trail runner passed us. He kind of lost it then he does not like being passed.

We made our way along the cannon balls. Beau met a female wire terrier named Bella but romance was not in the air. Some aging biker types proclaimed Beau was a nut as talked.

Beau, Robie and I headed to North Kinsman stopped for a break on North Kinsman where Beau and a little tussle with Polly a sheep dog mix over food and then we dropped packs and headed over to South Kinsman. The winds were not as advertised (forecast had been for 50 mph winds gusting updwards). I'm the pretty one on the right. Beau was barking at us to get going see the tail at the bottom.

Rest of the trip was a breeze we retraced our steps back to Fishing Jimmy Trail negotiated the steps stuck in the granite wall, passed Lonesome Lake which is a popular day hike site http://www.outdoors.org/lodging/whitemountains/huts/huts-lonesome.cfm
see view below:

All and all a good day out and 7.5 hours back to cars. Many folks do different section of this hike but Beau and I highly recommend it as a day outing to get a lot of ridge line time and still keep the protection from the wind.

Questions email info@vtarmynavy.com or call 802-479-2289

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