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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Army Digital Camo Fabric by the Yard gets great reviews

Army Digital Camo Fabric by the Yard gets great great reviews because of the quality of the fabric. This fabric is   a 80% cotton twill that has a slicker finish than many of the other fabrics Barre Army Navy Store offers: https://vtarmynavy.com/camo-fabrics-fish-net-and-canvas-material.html.

Here are some of the latest reviews for Army Digital Camo Fabric by the Yard:


289510/29/2011 Great value5 StarsArmy Digital Camo Fabric by the Yard

 Review Details
Reviewer:AnonymousLocation:Fort Knox, Kentucky

Review:I used this fabric to make girls' jumpers for a military homecoming. It is just what I was expecting and has a smooth hand. It's too heavy to use for something like sleeves for the childrens' clothing, but for the jumpers it worked well. It is 48" wide and 5.6 oz. per square yard. It's a great value for the price.


288110/27/2011 Better than expected!!!5 StarsArmy Digital Camo Fabric by the Yard

 Review Details
Reviewer:Richmond LLocation:Columbus, Georgia

Review:I make acu bags, accessories, children's clothing, etc. I bought this as an alternative to another supplier who was selling slightly irregular actual uniform fabric for a ridiculous price. I figured I could find a cost effective alternative and this is DEFINITELY it. Almost a near perfect color/pattern match, and while the texture is noticeably different from uniforms, it's a great product! Highly recommended!

Army Digital Camo Fabric by the YardArmy Digital Camo Fabric by the Yard -- is a twill 80% Cotton/20% Nylon. Width is 42" The weight of the cloth can vary but most of it is the same as that of clothing material. Prices are per running yard. Height of the rolls is 42 inches wide. Color has some green and some brown in digital print.

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