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Thursday, September 22, 2011

State of Paracord at Barre Army Navy Store

Dear Valued Customers:

Thank you for all your Paracord Business. Parachute Cord one of our best selling items has become a problem as the manufacturer is not getting us stock very quickly.

In the defense of the US Manufacturer they have to knit all the colors that we send you. The color and consistency has to be correct or they will not release the paracord and sometimes things go wrong. For example currently they have refused imperial red yarn because it is not color fast.

 They also have lots of customers including the US government who require first preference when you accept a government contract.

We here at Barre Army Navy Store are getting our all orders out as soon as possible. We are shipping what we have in stock and the balance to customers at no extra charge in an effort to get you product ASAP. We are also cutting 50’s and 100’s if necessary or substituting 550 test for 450 if the size and color is correct.

Unfortunately as we have noted on our website there are some colors we are just out of. Because we have cord all over the place around here we can not stop to check each color when you call. We have created a section of in stock cord to help:

We have large shipments and backorders due in to us over the next few weeks but there will be delays. We appreciate your loyalty, support and patience. We are rewarding customers who place orders by shipping all cord as orders are placed first come first serve and most items here are listed as backorder:

There also seems to be some confusion out there about the terms paracord, parachute cord paraline, 550 cord etc. All commercial paracord is the same item. Some parachute cord is 450 test meaning it has 4 strands inside and some is 550 test meaning it has 7 strands, but the sleeve of the paracord is the same. None of the commercial cord is milspec. Some folks feel that paraline (not sure where this has come from is substandard cord) folks it’s just a slang term.

Sometimes you’ll see the #650 on our cord which is the manufactures stock number (just to confuse things further). We are sending 550 cord if it is the right color and size in place of 450. Hope that helps!

This may seem a little conflicting but we urge you to place orders as soon as possible. All orders will be filled in the order placed and on a first come first serve basis.


Steve Barbour
Barre Army/Navy Store
955 N. Main Street
Barre, VT 05641

Store hours are Monday-Friday 9-6pm
Saturday 9-5pm

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